The Online Pilot Training Record
A better way to record flight training

ePTR is an online Pilot Training Record (PTR) web application for recording student pilot flight training exercises.  Similar to the traditional paper pilot training record logbook, ePTR allows for the recording of flight and ground school lessons and easy reporting and printing of the students training record.




ePTR also supports rotary flight training with the flight page customized to rotary flight exercises.


Lesson Plans

In addition to supporting the traditional pilot training record format. ePTR also offers Lesson Plans.

Lesson plans offer a completly customizable format for each lesson. Each exercise is graded on a scale of 1-4, simular to a flight test.

Providing a modern, web based interface, ePTR is available from anywhere at anytime.  Instructors can check and enter their student records when convenient for them.  The CFI can also check any students progress any time they need.